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Summer Engagement Tea Party

Photography by Archana Jayakumar

This 2020 dualling brides engagement party and portrait session took place in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley of southwestern New York State, in the Finger Lakes Region.  2 days of camping with tea-party brunch and fairytale portrait session on the banks of the Susquehanna River.  Everyone brought their own tea cup and dish to pass!  

Teaparty_Corsage Portrait COOL.jpg
Teaparty Tablescape trio.jpg
teaparty posy pose.jpg
tablescape midi focus 2.jpg
teaparty fern portrait.jpg
teaparty posy portrait 1.jpg
tea party avalon 2 portrait.jpg
floral fairy lantern.jpg
teaparty fairy group portrait.jpg
Teapart Florals Engagement.jpg
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