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Tumbleweed Taos, LLC is a studio based floral design and botanical art business in Taos, New Mexico.  Founded by Emily Harper in 2022, operates in the former Taos Mountain Woodworks Studio in Des Montes/ El Prado, and functions under two major tenets: sustainability and artistry

With a background in geology and lifelong interest in the fine arts, Emily has evolved as an environmental advocate and paints creating semi-surreal landscapes, botanical still life, and geometric abstractions.  Emily completed a certificate in floral design from the Rochester Civic Garden Center in 2017, and has taken topic specific workshops in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, online, and around the U.S.  View her art HERE.


Why Tumbleweed?

"Tumbleweed" was my trail name on my 2016 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Tumbleweeds themselves can be ubiquitous in our high desert environment and they're a bouncing reminder to keep moving towards the next big thing. 

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