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Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are homegrown, gathered, or purchased within the Taos area whenever possible.  We are proud supporters of the New Mexico Flower Collective - purchasing flowers directly from small farmers in New Mexico.  Whenever this is not feasible, we opt for American grown flowers (usually from California).  For more information about WHY we choose these sources, click here. 


Our Flowers

Because we do things sustainably, we opt to think outside the box when it comes to choosing ingredients to create your custom designs. 

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a great way to experience botanical bliss without the particular maintenance required of fresh flowers.  When done right, or mixed with fresh/paper flowers, dried botanicals can look SUPER trendy and sophisticated.  This is not your grandma's basket of potpourri - it is your great great grandma's Victorian comeback.

Bouquet paper flowers.jpg

Paper & Wood Flowers

Deeply artistic and sophisticated, finely crafted paper flowers will surprise you.  With this option you can have endless customization, and an elevated level of artistry.    Surprisingly durable, this option makes for the best everlasting designs and suits clients needing a more spacious time frame for their displays.

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